Because it’s Cinco de Mayo…

By , 5 May, 2008, 1 Comment

…this post is just for fun.

Over drinks last weekend, some friends and I tried to write a palindrome story. We got a title “Project Racecar” and a few useful phrases — “he man Madam racecar madam name h-” — but nothing that made narrative sense. So I submit this for the wisdom of the cyber-crowds.

We’ll start with the word “racecar”

What letters, words, phrases can you add to either side to make a story that works backwords and forwards?

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  • J

    Here goes nothing

    Sue Vas says, “Capt. Sekarb!”
    “The racecar!”
    “The brakes! T-PAC… s-YA!-s-save us!”

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