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By , 25 November, 2009, 4 Comments

As I’ve written previously, one of the joys of being an American abroad is the experience of encountering fellow expats: overwhelmed by our minority status, we tend to band together and overcome geographic or class barriers that divide us at home. There’s a similar experience I’m having as a journalist abroad in a country that is notoriously unsafe for journalists. At home, different publications compete for scoops; here, I’ve had correspondents from rival American papers and local media fall over themselves to hand over their sources and their leads. In no instance has that humbled me more than in the case of Talat Hussain, a local TV host whose program I’ve been watching on our home satellite subscription in New York for ages. In addition to giving me advice on my stories, he generously allowed me to sit in on a taping of his show. Here’s the episode I saw:

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  • rafigagum

    its going to make nani's day!

  • smw

    Talat is speaking Urdu? What are the languages scrolling across the bottom of the screen?

  • Preppy McPrepperson

    That's Urdu too, Selma. It's a headline ticker.

  • smw

    Thanks for enlightening me! And Happy Thanksgiving.

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